Choosing the right wedding photographer

Your wedding photos will last a lifetime and be essential in helping you remember your wedding day.

Choosing the right photographer for your day can be overwhelming but my friends at have kindly allowed me to share this detailed article to help chose the perfect photographer, this is the short version on things to review, click the link below to find more information:

1. Portfolio - these days it's a lot easier to review potential photographer's work via the magic of google, search for 'wedding photographers in [your location]' and most of them will have a website with a portfolio of their work.  Take a look not only at the quality of their work but their style.  You may find you can narrow down the style you are looking for with your wedding.  Spending the time up front doing some research can help you find the right photographer for you.

2. Personality - finding a wedding photographer with a compatible personality can make a surprising difference to your wedding day.  You want to find someone you both get along with, who isn't going to be too pushy, who you can trust and who gets that this is your day not theirs!

3. Professionalism - you generally pay a premium for wedding photography, so you want to ensure the photographer you choose is professional, ask for some references, testimonials from previous wedding work, see if they are affiliated with any professional photography associations and ensure you have a conversation with them about any standards you expect them to adhere to, eg a dress code (you don't want them rocking in an outfit that leaves little to the imagination!) or downing too many beverages during the reception.

4. Planning - find someone who asks you about what you both want and is prepared to spend some time working with you to plan your wedding photography, not just turn up on the day and hope for the best.

5. Package pricing - photographer's usually offer a few different priced packages, make sure you check what is and isn't included and ask questions to ensure you don't have any surprises and that you get the coverage you are hoping for.

6. Post production - ask potential photographers around what they do with the photos after the day, and if there are any additional fees and how long do they expect it will take befor you receive your wedding photos

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Six Pointers for Picking the Perfect Wedding Photographer

The photographer for my Brisbane wedding was Mel at Just B Photography.  I can highly recommend, here's a sample :)