Wedding planning

Planning your wedding... Phew it can be overwhelming for some and for others a dream come true!  I loved planning my wedding and wish I could do it again! LOL Here's a list of some of the key (but certainly not all) items you need to think about and hopefully help you get started.

I've also pulled together some links for some great tips and advice help you with the overwhelming but exciting challenge of planning your dream wedding.

Good luck and have fun!

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1. Set a wedding budget and continually review it

2. Do a rough estimate on guest numbers as that will feed into number 1

3. Research and choose a short list of ceremony and reception venues (visit them and select and book your chosen venue)

4. Research and start tucking away (digitally or physically with printed items you find in bridal magazines etc) styles that you like, this will help you pull together your theme which will feed into your reception styling, ceremony styling and invites

5. Choose your bridal party

6. Start researching your wedding dress - take your bridesmaids with your and don't forget about point 1!  Then think about your wedding shoes and all accessories

7. Start researching wedding photographers & book your chosen one - ask for testimonials and portfolio if you can't see on their website

8. Hire your wedding celebrant - I know a good one, contact her here! :)

9. Consider your transport options, this is one area you can save money on - do you know someone with a nice car that will scrub up a treat with a ribbon added?

10.  Save your date & wedding invites design and materials.  There's plenty of affordable options these days.

11. Wedding Cake - research and order.  If you are in Brisbane or south east Queensland here's some Brisbane wedding cake suppliers to review and website links for ease

12. Consider wedding favours and reception styling

13. Research and book hair styling and make up artist for you and your bridal party - ask for testimonials and photos if they don't have any on their website

14. Research flowers and styles for your bouquets and boutonnières.  Find a florist or create your own by picking up from your local market

15. What are the bridal party wearing?

16. Consider your music for the ceremony and reception.  Do you want live music, band, quartet, DJ, ipod etc

17. Book your honeymoon

18. Post invites

19. Consider wedding programs, seating plans, signage, seating plan and any other printed items you may want and order

20. Finalise numbers with your venues and suppliers

21.  Meet with your celebrant to discuss the day and your ceremony wording, including your very important vows

22. Book any other beauty appointments for the lead up, facials, exfoliation, spray tan, pedi, mani and of course plenty of massages to stay relaxed!

23. Confirm details with suppliers, friends who are helping and your bridal party

24. Organise food for your wedding day so you aren't hungry for the ceremony, maybe have a nice breakfast our in the morning with family and friends/bridal party and order some sushi (small enough to pop in your mouth without ruining your make up and filling enough)

25. Enjoy your day!!  Congratulations!!


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