Charitable wedding ideas

These days, many couples already have at least one - and often two - kettles, toasters, linen sets, dinner sets and wine glasses.  They are already set up. In lieu of a more 'traditional' wedding registry some couples opt for cash donations or honeymoon registries (eg Flight Centre).

However it is becoming more popular for couples to prefer to help out those more in need.

Take a look at some options I've come across that you could consider for your wedding registry, wedding favours or options to be charitable after your wedding.


Karma Currency wedding registry

An online non-for-profit- wedding registry that supports over 1000 of Australian charities.

When they found out that every year over one billion dollars is wasted on unwanted gifts that end up in landfill, they created a website where people could find gifts that could educate a child, find a cure, protect a rainforest and change the world.

Everyday Hero wedding registry

Set up your own wedding registry to support the charity of your choice.  A lot of people are very familiar with this very easy system and they each get a tax deduction. Win/Win!

Jelly bean wedding favours

Support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation buy purchasing jelly beans as wedding favours for your guests.  Just $3 each!

Oxfam charity cards

Could use as favours or a registry of sorts.  Simply ask your guests to purchase a charity card for your registry.

Each card is helps Oxfam to transform the lives of people living in poverty. There is a wide range of cards to choose from and they can be personalised, starting from $10.

Marry Me Charlie

Marry Me Charlie is an online wedding marketplace to make a difference in the wedding world, every item sold they donate 3% to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

You can sell one product for free, for example if you want to sell your wedding dress or your wedding shoes, you can do so for free except for the 3% that goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  After your first item, the commission is 10% and this includes the 3% that goes to the NBCF.  Earn some cash and support this worthwhile cause. Nice one.

Donate your wedding dress

Donate your wedding dress and / or your wedding shoes, wedding veil etc at any of your local charity shops.  Clear out the closet and put a smile on your dial!

Please dry clean your wedding dress first though and keep the receipt with the dress.